Client Feedback

Laura P

Hi Jeff

Any chance you can come by today, Friday, and take Buck for a run? He is DRIVING ME CRAZY. He is pacing the house looking for you. Then, he started carrying my son’s clothes around the house and ate his stuffed animal. Right now he’s staring out the front window looking for you.

Let me know if it works for you.


Susan S

What a spectacular discovery I made in finding KCDogRunners. I adopted Charlie from Way side Waifs about a year ago. He was 10 months at the time – we think he is part shepherd, part collie  and part husky…whatever he was a big high energy puppy. He now weighs about 90 pounds and is still full of energy. He needs way more excercise than I could handle which led me to KC Dog Runners. Jeff and his young fit team of runners come to my house and take Charlie on long scenic runs 4 times a week. They are polite and  professional and wonderful with dogs. Charlie loves them and comes home exhausted and ready for a long nap. They are fantastic and have made my life with Charlie much easier.


Our entire household is so thrilled to include KCDogRunners as an important and integral part!  Benny and Holly, our two energetic Cocker Spaniels, somehow, know exactly the days, and the hour, when either Jessica or Jeff will arrive! They run and sit by the door to wait. They whine with excitement until they see the familliar face coming around the corner, and then wiggle, wag, and loudly howl with the most incredible joy and eager anticipation! The runs are great, safe, and immediately reported back in thoughtful detail to our delight and appreciation.

Rachael S

We are thrilled to have discovered KC Dog Runners.  Our dogs are now fit and trim.  The staff have been professional and have developped a great relationship with both my dogs.  When the doorbell rings the dogs are so excited to see Jeff and are ready for their run!

Helen R

Spencer shows up with a smile on his face, ready to take off with our two large dogs and runs them together, which is no easy feat.  The beasts wait at the door for him on Mondays, pant the rest of the day, and I can see they are smiling!  Jeff”s company makes everything so simple, we feel very fortunate to have them.

Ann R

I am very happy with the service that you have provided in caring for our Golden Retriever Teddy.  As you know, he is a valued family member and it is very important to me that he is cared for in a caring, consistent and responsible way.  KC Dog Runners has provided that and more.  I feel you  and your employees have provided excellent care and have done so in a professional, caring manner.  Teddy always seems relaxed and happy whenever I return from a trip.  Part of that is being in his own environment but the other part is that he is not stressed because of the care you provide.

Janet H

I appreciated the fact that you reached out to me and based on your observations of how my dogs were responding to the runing, recommended a service that was actually a lower price.  In my opinion, that demonstrated that you have my furkids well-being in mind and reassured me that they are in good hands.

Karyn H

We think your services are wonderful.  Your responsiveness this past week when I had to go to the hospital meant so much to me.  Knowing our beloved pet is in good hands took a lot of my worries away.  So thank you for everything.

Martha A

I love your service, your employees, your billing system, your professionalism, your billing system, your follow through, and the friendly way in which you communicate.

Suzanne S

Your employees are friendly, professional and genuinely caring.

Mike D

My dog is both happier and healthier with regular sustained exercise. KC Dog Runners offers it and is reliable, prompt, and understands dogs. They are good handlers and communicate responsively with both dog and owner. They provide GPS confirmation for all runs and walks, flexible scheduling, reasonable rates, easy automatic billing, and they are always accommodating and totally trustworthy when providing house sitting services. Both my dog and I could not be happier. I highly recommend them.

Corinne and Brody

My experience with KC Dog Runners has been nothing short of remarkable. When I rescued my dog Brody last year I quickly learned he was a high energy dog who needed alot of exercise. No amount of walking seemed to do the trick and soon he began to become destructive when I was gone at work. After trying day care and other options without success I contacted Jeff hoping to find an answer. Jeff immediately bonded with Brody and after just a few visits, Brody’s behavior changed dramatically. He has stopped chewing on things when I am gone, he is more relaxed when we are home and according to his vet has gained 6.5 lbs. of muscle mass!

I can’t thank Jeff and his staff enough for helping us out. Brody loves to run and it has become one of the highlights of his week.

Heidi & Jacy Conley

After working with two other pet sitting services in the KC area I can say without reservation I am extremely grateful to have found Jeff and his staff for our pet sitting needs. I feel they love and care for our dog as much as we do and provide a sense of companionship for our pet when we are away. Not only do I find Jeff and his staff competent and dependable, they are willing to provide services on short notice if necessary. I highly recommend KC Dog Runners and look forward to using them in the future!

Amy W. and Sake

Dear Jeff, I can’t tell you how happy I am that we found you! Since you started running with Sake he has become a different dog…calmer, happier and healthier.
I love your notes and email after the run. It’s fun to see the route you take and the pace you run. It makes me tired just looking at it.

Thank you so much for your wonderful service – we’ll be customers for life!


KC Dog Runners has been a lifesaver for us. Our English bulldog Elton looks forward to his leisurely walk (he is no track star) with Suzie every day while my wife and I are away at work. Additionally, Jeff runs a top notch and well organized business that is completely responsive to any changes in our schedule or needs.

Ruthie and Sam, the dog

I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate and value your service. It has been a life saver. As you know, my dog Sam is a 6 year old golden retriever with the energy of a 6 month old puppy. He needs lots of exercise and his favorite thing to do is run. While I like to run with him, my busy schedule doesn’t always allow me to do it as often as I’d like. He is so much calmer, happier and well behaved when he gets enough exercise. I can really tell the difference in him after he’s spent time with you.

As a protective dog owner, I appreciate all the precautions you take to provide for Sam’s health and safety. And I love coming home to the personalized notes you leave me about how that day’s run went and the Garmin emails showing me your exact route. I know you love him almost as much as I do.

Finally as someone with a full life and busy schedule, I appreciate all the conveniences you provide – from coming to my home to making bill paying easy with automatic bill pay.

Thanks again for taking such good care of Sam. I know he looks forward to seeing you every week.


Comment from Angie’s List

With our family’s busy lifestyle, Cooper, our two year old black lab wasn’t getting as much exercise as she needed. Since Cooper started running with 3-4 miles a day, three days a week, she has lost about 13 pounds. Jeff and his staff are excellent and very good with my dog. They are responsive, friendly and professional. They take care of everything and make sure Cooper is doing well. I am happy with their service – I think it’s absolutely great!