Dog Running

Dogs love to run. We believe it is the perfect activity to help your dog achieve that happy and healthy state of mind.  This is our specialty, we hire only the best runners to run with your dog.

Clients may mix and match our running and/or walking services to best meet their budget and their dogs need for exercise.

Runs per week 30 Minutes 45 Minutes
5 $125 Per Week $145 Per Week
4 $104 Per Week $130 Per Week
3 $81 Per Week $110 Per Week
2 $58 Per Week $74 Per Week
1 $31 Per Week $40 Per Week

Multiple Dogs Per Household

Running DogEach additional dog is $5 per day.


For our regular clients we offer a generous referral program, 2 free weeks for existing client, 1 free week for new client. We also have an annual new client special during the summer months – first two weeks at half price.

Who We Run

Our runs will be no more than a two dog to one runner ratio; all dogs will be observed one on one with their dog runner before being approved to run with a dog from another household. Depending on the fitness goals established for your dog and his energy level, fitness sessions will range from an easy jog to a fast paced run.

Where We Run

Runs will start and finish at your home. Whenever possible, we run through parks, trails, and other green spaces.

When We Run

Runs will take place between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. In the summer when the heat and humidity are highest, runs may take place prior to 9:00 a.m.


Running DogThe safety of your dog is our number one concern. We will always start off with a short relief walk, then build up to a comfortable running pace, and will end the run with a three to five minute cool down walk. We constantly monitor your dog for signs of heat exhaustion, fatigue or injury. We will walk or take breaks as necessary. We carry a cell phone, fresh water (summer), plastic clean-up bags with us on every run. Our runners have been trained on pet first aid and emergency protocols.

Daily Report

We will leave you a note after each run to let you know how your dog did each day. We track our runs with a GPS and upload them to a website where you can view the details of your dog’s run, including pace, total time, elevation, mileage, and a map of our run.

Is Your Dog Ready To Run?

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