Why should I choose KC Dog Runners over other pet services?

At KC Dog Runners we take our work very seriously; your dog’s well being is our number one priority. Our number two priority is an extremely trustworthy, reliable, and convenient service for you. We are bonded, insured, members of the National Association for Professional Pet Sitters, and are continually educating ourselves in dog behavior, psychology, physiology, training, and breeds. We build relationships with your veterinarians, we know where the emergency animal hospitals are, we are prepared for emergencies, both of the pet and home varieties. We always walk or run for the full time you have paid for. Can the kid down the street offer you all of this?

We are actively involved in our community and donate our time, services, and money to local animal shelters and the United Way.

We are the first and only dog running company in the Kansas City area. We are professionals to the core and love what we do!